Fireplace Installation & Repair

Masonry Contractors Specializing in Fireplace Installation & Repair

There’s no better feeling than opening your front door and being met with the warmth and comfort of a fireplace. It allows your home to be a place of complete relaxation and comfort. If you've been thinking of installing a fireplace in your home, reach out to the professionals at American Masonry and Chimney Corp for quality work from start to finish.

Skilled Masonry Fireplace Installation Professionals!

When having a fireplace installed in your home, many safety factors come into play. Our skilled professionals ensure that the fireplace you want is installed safely. In addition, we can also provide repairs to a currently installed fireplace. Leaving your fireplace unrepaired can be dangerous to your home and everyone under your roof. 

Fireplace Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Don’t wait until a hazardous fire occurs; allow us to take care of the issue right away and keep you and your family safe. Contact us today for more information! 

What Type of Fireplace Are You in The Market for? 

   Fireplaces for Buffalo & Rochester NY

When you’re in the market for a fireplace, rest assured knowing you’re in the most capable hands when you choose us. We provide a wide variety of fireplaces that include a corner fireplace mantel or marble fireplace mantel, and so much more!

Enhance The Beauty of Your Home by Having a Masonry Fireplace Installed

There’s nothing that adds beauty to a home like a newly installed fireplace. It offers warmth, but also a cozy feeling that allows guests to feel right at home when visiting. Give us a call at (585) 865-4170 to get started right away.
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